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YOU CAN'T GET THEM BACK - (a psychological mystery & suspense thriller)


Stuart Burton is on his way to the hospital. His wife is about to give birth to their second child.

He can't be late.

But there is an accident, and Stuart ends up in a coma.

When he wakes up, everything in his world has changed.

And why are the police asking him questions about the murders of three people sixteen years ago?

Stuart embarks on a tense and emotional journey to find out the truth about the accident, and to get back everything he's lost.

But you can't get them back…


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BEFORE OTHERS DIE (BOOK 1) REVENGE - (a Sal Smith mystery & suspense thriller - #2)


Sal Smith is asked by a friend to look into the death of his brother-in-law. The police say it was a burglary gone wrong.

The man's sister says it wasn't.

Sal quickly uncovers a disturbing truth ... that more people will be killed.

With the clock ticking, Sal has to get to the bottom of a horrific secret so deeply buried that others will kill to keep it that way.

And he needs to find out what really happened to the murdered man - and why - before others die.


Before Others Die is the first book in a series of two.


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DIG DEEPER - (a Sal Smith mystery & suspense thriller - #1) THIS IS THE FIRST SAL SMITH BOOK AND IS A STANDALONE NOVEL


An earthquake hits a small Italian town in the middle of the night. The next morning Amy Smith, a British journalist, is missing.

Sal Smith gets ready to fly out to find his wife, only to get the call that her body has been found in the rubble. So now his concern is to bring her back home for burial.

But in Italy he finds that the story she was following snags his attention.

And then a text message suggests that maybe Amy wasn't killed in the earthquake at all.


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SUDDEN EXIT - (a suspense thriller) 


It's a pretty normal day for Michael Leon, until a stranger plummets from the sky and comes to a sticky end on the guinea-pig hutch in the back garden.

After the authorities haul away the remains of the body, Michael finds something that he thinks will change his and his family's life forever.

So he makes a choice.

But when the family is threatened, and his options turn from bad to worse, Michael regrets his choices.

But by then it's too late.


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INHERITANCE - (a psychological mystery & suspense thriller)


Somewhere deep in her mind Christine Marsden is witnessing the murder of young girls.

And now she has urges to hurt her own children.

After a head injury leaves her having nightmares and visions, Christine is convinced that something inside her brain has broken, and that she is slowly sinking into insanity.
She is terrified of what she might be capable of. She fears that in losing her mind she will also lose her children and husband.
Christine embarks on a desperate fight to try to halt the fracture of her mind before it’s too late, and in doing so, discovers the hidden truth behind the dark horrors she is experiencing.


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Short Stories



NO MORE SUNSHINE - (a short story)


There is only so much a man can take!

Terry has reached breaking point. Work, wife and life are bearing down.

Then he comes up with a plan ...


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